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General terms of sale 2018
General clauses


Our sales are subjected to the present general conditions which prevail over any other conditions, except formal and express dispensation from us. The acceptance or the confirmation of an order, does not undertake us to supply all of articles: indeed, circumstances independent from our will such cultural problems due to the bad weather, or other cases of force majeure can prevent us from it.


The prices are stipulated departure production and indicated in euro exclusive of tax.
A 30 % increase will be applied to the commanded lines of quantity lower than 10.

Invoicing - Payment:

Delivery - Complaint:

The expeditions take place according to the date of arrival of the commands and the weather conditions. The precision given as for delivery deadline is only indicative.
Except for the case where the transport is directly assured by ourselves, the goods travel at the risk and the danger of the addressee. In case of delivery by carrier, from the arrival, it is up to the customer to verify the state of the goods. Any noticed anomaly will have to be the object of reserves with the carrier.
Any complaint on the quantities or the conformity of the quality of the sold goods must be indicated to us in writing (e-mail, fax or mail) within 72 hours in the date of reception.

Guarantee of resumption:

Invoices are payable clear and without discount in 30 days date the emission. For a new customer, a cash payment will be asked the first order. The acceptance of drafts can be asked to the buyer upon receipt of the invoice. She has not the effect of breaking the present terms of payment. If the payment of the invoice is made in 10 days by the reception of this one, a discount of 1,5 % on the amount H.T. can be given. Any unpaid sum in his term will be increased of a 2 % late-payment interest a month, without preliminary formal demand, every cash begun month for a month. Any incident of payment can end in the suspension of our deliveries. In case of covering, after warning, by contentious way, expenses and fees are chargeable to the customer, including the fees of lawyer, if necessary.

Participation in the transport and the packaging :

Deliveries lower than 2500.00€ - > invoicing of expenses altogether
Deliveries superior to 2500.00€ - > 27€ invoicing by pallet

The resumption of vegetables depends on care given on arrival, on the preparation of grounds, used substrata, as well as many more factors which escape the control and the authority of the seller which cannot assume the guarantee. However, after expertise, the only seller can decide, either of the replacement, or the establishment of credit note corresponding to the price charged during the expedition.

Retention of title:

The seller keeps the property of the properties sold up to actual payment of the completeness of the price in main thing and accessory. The non-payment of one of the terms can pull the claiming of the properties. These capacities do not impede the transfer to the buyer, from the delivery, risks of loss and deterioration of the sold properties as well as the damage which they could cause. In case of dispute, only the courts of Orléans are competent, even in case of call in guarantee, or defendants' plurality.

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